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Things Women Find Attractive

10 Things Women Find Attractive

"Little did I know, the 8th thing that girls find attractive about a guy, is his walk. Or as one response I received so elegantly stated ~ A Man with that Big Boy Walk"

Things Women Find Attractive

Listen up fellas, if you have ever pondered the secrets of how to attract women, I will get straight to it!

This information was compiled from a group of beautiful females from varying backgrounds and ethnicity’s discussing what the find attractive about men.

These results were compiled from the top 10 most re-occurring answers. Here are 10 things women find attractive. 10 things that women look for in a man.

I never would of guest that we fellas are sized up and analyzed from the second we step on the scene

What Women Find Attractive: #1 His Shoes

Things Women Find Attractive - Shoes

Photo Credit Atlanta Photographer Timeless Imaging

Apparently guys are systematically scrutinized from the ground up. Nearly every lady I spoke with said they look at “His Shoes” right off the cuff.

Gentlemen, if you want to get past check point one, step up your shoe game. You won’t even register on her radar donning a pair of scuffed up dusty pilgrim shoes.

If purchasing a nice pair of Buckskin Oxfords or stylish Leather Brogues is not in the budget.  At least refresh your existing dress shoes with a budget friendly military grade shoe polish. Women are attracted to and pay high regards to the man sporting a cold pair of shoes!

Things Women Find Attractive

What Women Find Attractive: #2 His Teeth

Things Women Find Attractive - Clean Teeth

Ranking in as the 2nd most popular thing women are attracted to is “His Teeth“.

That’s right fellas, women love a sexy smile.  By sexy smile, they are referring to a clean set of teeth.  From the responses I received they are not necessarily looking for perfectly straight teeth.  

Having clean teeth and a nice smile will prove to go a long way with the ladies. You can’t be rolling up with plaque buildup encrusted across your fronts.

Its true that not all teeth are naturally straight, but chronic halitosis and plaque is easily preventable. Get your hands on a Water Flosser, a high RPM power tooth brush, and a Whitening Kit. You don’t have to be a millionair to get that million dollar smile.

What Women Find Attractive: #3 The Way He Smells

Things Women Find Attractive - The way a Man smells

Number 3 on the list of things women find attractive is the Scent of a Man.  Part of a mans main objective in life is to find his signature scent.

If your lucky enough to have found yours, you can skip ahead to Thing number 4.  If you haven’t found yours yet, don’t give up.  The thing with cologne is that it may render different due to varying skin chemistry’s.

My current favorite Channel Blue may smell different on me than it does on you. Don’t feel like shelling out top dollar, no problem, peep these female approved fragrance’s for under $30

What Women Find Attractive: #4 His Style of Dress

Things Women Find Attractive - Style of Dress

Photo Credit Atlanta Photographer Timeless Imaging

The 4th thing Women find attractive about a guy is his Style of Dress.  Is it neat, is it clean, do the clothes fit properly.  This doesn’t imply taking out a small mortgage on an Armani three piece. 

But you would behoove yourself to have at least one Blazer, a Collared Button Up (clean and pressed), and a Waist Coat at your disposal. Rocking that with Jeans or Khakis is your preference, but don’t forget to set off your shoes with a banging pair of dress socks

Things Women Find Attractive

What Women Find Attractive: #5 His Personality

Things Women Find Attractive - His Personality

If by some happenstance you’ve made it passed the scrutinizing first 4 items on a woman’s checklist, here is your chance to shine. A fellas Personality can make or break his chances to stay in the game.

Every female interviewed mentioned “personality” or “the way he conducts himself”.  Women are attracted to a confident man. Must have swagger, but not arrogant.  They want to see that smile, that style, that makes you YOU.

What Women Find Attractive: #6 Offering to Pay

Things Women Find Attractive - Offer her a Drink

Number 6 on the top 10 list maybe controversial but, Offer a Drink.  It seems this timeless act is still attractive to women. But can be a double edge sword if the lady in question:

  • Rejects the drink as if you are a creepy pervert…
  • Accepts the drink but can out drink your whole crew… 

But alas, notice the keyword is “Offering“, which implies that its basically the gesture that counts.  Give it a shot… even its just a bottle of water.  Which in some spots could costs you as much as Ciroc.

Now if you want to really score some cool points, just send a drink over to her table or from across the bar followed by a silent toast and head nod.

Things Women Find Attractive - offer a drink

What Women Find Attractive: #7 His Watch

Things Women Find Attractive - Mens Watches

Being a self proclaimed watch connoisseur, I was pleasantly surprised to learn this.  Women appreciate a man with a nice Manly Watch.  Not necessarily the overly gaudy watches bedazzled with gems.  But a nice solid looking timepiece.

As a man, you owe it yourself to stock at least one fashionable chronometer in your arsenal.

What Women Find Attractive: #8 His Walk

Things Women Find Attractive - His Walk

Little did I know, the 8th thing that girls find attractive about a guy, is His Walk. Or as one response I received so elegantly stated “a man with that Big Boy Walk”.

Now this may take some effort to develop your trademark stroll. Some dudes are just born with it.  

Walking that walk is not something you can just put on and take off like a jacket. That limp will have to become your way of life.  A state of mind.  Feel confident and let it guide you.

What Women Find Attractive: #9 His Hands

Things Women Find Attractive - Mans Hands

Sliding in as the 9th thing that Women find attractive is a Man’s Hands .  

Not so much the size but the hygiene. You just can’t walk in the spot like you just finished changing oil out in the parking lot or making biscuits in the back.

Ashy hands and  dirty nails don’t fly so well with the ladies. But this is an easy fix. Get you a handy travel kit for your glove box and stay ready.

What Women Find Attractive: #10 His Grooming

Things Women Find Attractive - His Grooming

Last, but not least, Although I’ll admit I’m surprised it is not closer to number 1. Coming in at number 10, Ladies appreciate a Well Groomed Man.

Just takes a little forethought.  If you plan on going out,  hit up your local Barber Shop or Great Clips. Line up them edges.  Eradicate all those unsightly ear and nostril hair follicles. And for the brethren of bearded men, trim up the unruly whiskers and throw some oil up in there.

Don’t have beard oil? Make your own… Argan OilOlive Oil and Coconut Oil are great substitutes.

There you have it, the top 10 Things Women find Attractive.  Not to bad, and for the most part, the list seems somewhat achievable.  

Ladies, please email me or better yet..

Comment below to let me know what we missed from your top 10.  

Fellas, email me your the 10 things you are attracted to and notice about a women.  I’m eagerly looking forward to compiling the Gentlemen’s responses for part 2 of this article… 10 Things Men Find Attractive.


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