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10 Things Men Find Attractive

10 Things Men Find Attractive

"Nothing like a woman with personality that knows how cut-up and have fun. Having a good well rounded sense of humor is must have. "

Things Men Find Attractive

Ladies, this is for you. If you have ever pondered about what men find attractive in women.  Take a look at the results of this survey, which list 10 things men find attractive

I reached out to a group of stable mature men, sound in mind and flat out asked them to send me their respective list of things they find attractive about a woman.

A few of these you are all to familiar with as Men are not overly complex creatures. 

Some of these you may already be inadvertently doing and attracting men without even trying.  But first, lets get the obvious number 1 thing out the way.

What Men Find Attractive: #1 Her Body

Things Men Find Attractive - Her Body

No surprise here.  From the instant a woman enters a man’s sonar range, we instinctively gaze upon her body. Whether he’s a Butt man, Breast man, Leg man, whatever man. 

The first fledglings of attraction initially starts with her body.

But what exactly is implied by “Her Body”?  

Note that it doesn’t mention Body Size.  But rather simply states “Her Body”. It’s a relative term, and ultimately involves different attributes to different men.  

But there is no denying that a man’s genetic makeup is coded with an affinity towards a woman’s curves. Her Legs, Thighs, Buttocks, Breast all attest to the marvelous design of a woman’s body.

A woman’s “Body” “Shape” “Physique” came in unanimously as number 1 on the list of things that a man finds attractive.  

If you have that magical Breast to Waist to Hip Ratio, (with or without a waist trainer) it won’t matter much if you are a size 6 or size 16.  

Something about that ratio is mesmerizing to a man! Now that we have gotten the obvious out of the way, on to number 2.

What Men Find Attractive: #2 Her Smile

Things Mend Find Attractive - a nice Smile

Yes ladies, after your body, the test panel of men noted that a woman’s Smile can be sexy and attractive.  

Smiles are dangerously contagious.  It conveys the thought of someone who is comfortable and doesn’t mind sharing the enjoyment of the moment visibly.

So go ahead and flash them pearly whites.  Don’t worry ladies, If your teeth aren’t their pearliest and you are not looking to spend a grip at the Dentist, whitening strips are effective, affordable and fit conveniently in your purse.

What Men Find Attractive: #3 Her Lips

Things Men Find Attractive - Her Lips

Sliding in as the third thing that men find attractive about a woman is her Lips.  

A sexy pair of full lips is a blessing from birth.

Men love a set of thirst-quenching, juicy and ripened lips.  

It’s no coincidence that professional makeup artists and women utilize Lipsticks and Lip Gloss that typically resemble various shades and moist surfaces of fruit.

What Men Find Attractive: #4 Her Hair

A Man’s attraction to a Women’s Hair has long been known. And was so prophetically stated by the legendary Fatman Scoop, who uttered:

“If you got Long Hair on your Head from your Ear to your Sleeve, even if you got a Weave”.  

Whether you sport it long or short, blonde or brunette, curly or straight, braided locks or an Afro.

Men simply love,  and are attracted to a woman that features a style that elevates her inner sexy.  The main thing is feeling comfortable and confident appearing how you want to appear.

What Men Find Attractive: #5 Her Personality

Things Men Find Attractive - Her Personality

Ranking higher than you may have thought, at number 5 on the list of things men find attractive is, her Personality. That’s right ladies, its not only the physical aspects of woman’s body that men love.

Nothing like a woman with personality that knows how cut-up and have fun.  Having a good well rounded sense of humor is must have.  

So go ahead and show us you have a pulse and reveal the sexy playful silly side.  Men are irresistibly drawn and attracted to a woman that with some personality.

What Men Find Attractive: #6 Her Style

I believe it was LL Cool J that said:

“I love it when a woman ain’t scared to do her thang”.  

Guys love a girl with Style.

Whether you rock classy sun hats or over-sized wayfarer frames, men are attracted to a woman oozing with a little style.  A sundress and strappy heels will trigger an alert on any mans radar.

And if you didn’t already know, sexy toes are the new boobs.  Treat yourself to a nice pedi at your local nail salon, or get your arts and crafts on with an at home nail and pedicure kit

What Men Find Attractive: #7 Her Conversation

Things Men Find Attractive - Her Conversation

Listen up ladies, as number 7 is critical and has an overriding factor even if you hit home-runs in all the other aspects of attraction. Up until now its mostly been about visual attraction.  Men are also quite skilled at using their audio sensory (ears) as well.

Guys can be extremely clandestine when observing a lady. 

If you’ve already passed his personal eye exam and are anywhere near his perceptible range of hearing. You better believe he is listening to how you carry yourself in Conversation, especially when you are with your crew.

Your Mannerisms and Conversation has the power to alter his whole perception of you.

What Men Find Attractive: #8 Her Voice


Number 8 on the list of things men find attractive further expounds on, and appeals to, a man’s ears.

Yes, men use more than just their eye balls. We are mesmerized by the soft sensual tones of a woman’s Voice,  the cadence of her dialogue, the pitch of her particular brand of laugh. 

Especially if you laugh at his jokes!

Now this is a tough one to manufacture as some women are just born with a sexy voice

But alas the term “sexy voice” cannot be limited to a particular type.  So In general, if you’ve arrived at the point of one on one conversation with your would-be admirer. The sound of your voice is already leaving an indelible impact. 

Men find a certain attraction to the sound of woman’s voice, especially a whisper.

What Men Find Attractive: #9 Her Scent

Things Men Find Attractive - Her Voice

Nothing allures a man like the Scent of a woman.  Whether its some dormant primal instinct or the odorless secretion of female pheromones.  Men are attracted to the scent of a woman!

Be it her perfume, lotion, conditioner, fabric softener etc. There is some unfathomable chemistry happening beneath the surface that men find irresistible.

Managing to find the perfect balance of fragrance is no cake walk, especially if you also use lotions and oils that may emit their own aroma. 

But If you are looking to increase your cache of fragrances, check out amazon’s inventory of name brand perfume’s under $30

What Men Find Attractive: #10 Her Swagger

sexy woman with swagger

Number 10 on the list of things men find attractive is the Swagger factor.  Super critical, as swagger has that overriding capability. Men are attracted to women with swag.

What exactly is female swag you ask?

The proper vocabulary doesn’t exist to explain it. But if I had to put it in words, she is confident, secure and comfortable with herself despite any perceived flaws that commercialism may cast.

No matter her height, shape, hair length, skin shade, or bank account. Her aura practically overpowers and intoxicates all around her.  In other words, she unequivocally knows that she is the bomb!

Confidence is a beast and can manifest itself physically.  She’s bad and she knows it.  And she knows that you know it too.

If I can manufacture swagger and put it in a bottle, I’d be a millionaire.  The best thing about swagger is that you can develop it.  Believe in yourself.

There you have it ladies.  10 things men find attractive. 

The follow up to 10 things women find attractive. This list was composed from a survey of mature gentlemen…

Including myself.

Feel free to Comment and Share your thoughts below

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