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Phoenix Add-On

What Happend To Phoenix on Kodi?

Phoenix on Kodi

If you are an avid Kodi user and having trouble pulling up Phoenix on Kodi.  It is not just a temporary glitch.  The word on the web is that the Phoenix Add-On, which is no doubt one of the most popular Add-On’s for the Kodi app, has shutdown!

Although no specific reason was given, according to the Daily Mail UK, it is speculated to stem from mounting threats among anti-piracy groups.

The Kodi app itself is available as a free downloadable native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows operating systems.  You can run it on your mobile phone, laptop or even an Amazon Fire Stick.  The neutral function of Kodi serves as an entertainment hub that provides access all your digital media in one spot.  By default Kodi provides no content.  It is open-source and can be used to add third-party applications that run on top of it.

Kodi platforms

Adding and accessing content can come from local sources such as media servers in your home, digital media stored on your personal computer, or installing third-party apps and add-on’s from providers. Phoenix was just one of many add-on’s for Kodi.

The Phoenix Add-On abrupt disappearance undoubtedly came as a surprise to the fathoms of users throughout the Kodi universe.  Is this a sign of things to come for Phoenix like-apps?  After all, prior to the Phoenix Add-On shutdown, another popular third-party app entitled “Navi-X” also decided to discontinue its service.

What happens now?

Judging from history, typically when one service shuts down, two or three more pop up. The Phoenix Add-On service may run its course. But as its mythological name suggest, is it gone for good or will it be reborn and obtain new life by arising under a new name from the ashes of its predecessor?

We shall have to see.

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