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The Happy Fits Concentrate

The Happy Fits Concentrate With their expanding presence, The Happy Fits are slowly but surely making their way up the music charts with their clever, angsty, and lively music!

Utilizing a Cello instead versus a bass guitar, with a douse of NYC studio sound, these three boys have seemingly created music perfectly suited for teenage angst. Hot on the heels of their first few singles, their new debut 11 track album, Concentrate, released in June of 2018, and creates a feeling of freedom and independence whenever listened to.

The Happy Fits Concentrate Album recipe encompasses everything they live for, including their aspirations, dreams and a pinch of important life lessons sprinkled in. 

While they do have songs that require more listening than others, being able to scream out lyrics without a care in the world is what teenagers need every once in awhile. 

The Concentrate album also contains a few tracks catering to their soft and gentle side, which makes for a nice counter mix of their upbeat intense tracks. 

For a debut album, the Happy Fits have already raised the bar in the Alternative / Indie music genre that they fall under. They continue to carve their way into the music industry one song at a time, and hopefully will not be stopping anytime soon.

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