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Surgical Summer


This seasons non stop album release has pumped new life into the ever rumored dying state of hip-hop. 

Kickin’ it off this summer the G.O.O.D. Music soldiers stood behind General Kanye West as they struck first, the entire camp delivered a series of albums, each laced with seven-tracks!  Including an album from Kanye himself “Ye”.

Yeezy produced beats as crisp as ever, seeming to be a perfect blend of his past album production with influences from every corner of the Culture . The lyrics put the spotlight on West’s most personal issues including mental illness, updates on his financial state , his admiration for his business and how he still does not care what anyone who IS NOT Kanye West thinks.

Pusha T released Daytona to start the summer shenanigans and chose a picture of Whitney Houston’s place of passing.

The up close and personal still frame of the cane covered mausoleum of a bathroom provided the visuals and set the scene to the dope laced Cool Cat King Push lyrics as he walks you down memory lane highlighting his hand in the dope game with his brother and cousin, and the highs and lows of criminal turned commercial.

Pusha T also took it upon himself to poke the Bear,  despising the assumption that Drake doesn’t write his lyrics, and feels he is not to be trusted.

And as any Hip Hop artist worth his weight would… Drizzy took the bait not knowing the trap that laid above his head. 

As Expected the Scorpion struck a counter attack worthy of a 2nd listen, warning Pusha that Hip Hops throne occupier is not to be trifled with and too bring it to an end. 

To which Pusha T responded by dropping a diss record for the ages, exposing unknown information on Drake’s Child, and brain derailing the train of releases for Aubrey’s calculated summer.

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