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stash invest legit way to build savings

Stash Invest Legit Way To Build Savings

I was immediately intrigued as I either shopped, purchased from or was a customer of 90% of the companies listed. 

Is Stash Invest legit?  Sadly, I will admit that I am a total novice when it comes to investing money in the stock market.  It was not a general topic of conversation in my household growing up.  But I knew that I wanted to make smarter decisions by putting my money to work.

So I began looking for modest ways to leverage my money without diving head first into major stock trading. I came across a few investment apps that seemed like a safe entry level way to get my feet wet and broaden my understanding of investing. 

I downloaded the Stash Invest App on March 22nd, 2018, signed up and committed to a whopping $10 auto-stash per week, because I’m such a go-getter! 

stash invest legit way to build savings

The Stash Invest app itself is well designed and translates the various stock portfolio’s into a language suitable to my understanding.  

Investing with Stash Invest

Right out of the gate, I easily identified a portfolio that was relevant to me and I dedicated $5 of my initial killer $10 investment towards Young Money, a catchy portfolio name that was way easier to relate to than the official Global X Millennials Thematic ETF title representing stock ticker MILN

Each portfolio in the Stash Invest app breaks down the top holdings and provides an easy enough snapshot of how they are performing. Young Money Top Holdings:

I was immediately intrigued as I either shopped, purchased from or was a customer of 90% of the companies listed.  I felt comfortable investing my hard earned $5 per on a weekly basis on companies I myself was a customer of.

So… how did I do after 10 Months as a total novice and being uber conservative?

Take a look:

stash invest legit way to build savings

The above is a snapshot that was taken roughly ten and a half months into investing money with the Stash Invest App.

After a full month of auto-stashing $10 per week, I took a leap of faith and took the plunge with $25 per week total, I know I know… I’m a savage.

I also diversified my personal portfolio to include other easily identifiable holdings.  Here is my current spread:

I know what your thinking, with that sweet $60 nest egg, why is this guy not retired on a beach somewhere.

But seriously, can I retire next year at this pace? The answer is no.  Is Stash Invest Legit? I’d say yes.

By my humble Einstein levelish calculations, I’m estimating that by investing  $1025 with the Stash Invest app, yielded almost but not quite a 6% return in under 12 months.

Had I just deposited the same amount weekly in my personal bank account or even a CD account, it would at best yield 2% to 4% (depending on the bank).

So yes, I would say that Stash Invest is legit.  Its an easy introduction into the larger stock market world. It especially appeals to the masses not “in the know” as well as millennial’s with its clever portfolio naming convention.

And in the time of me finishing these few paragraphs, I even gained a few bucks in my bank breaking stash… see the update 10 minutes later:

stash invest legit

If you are considering investing money and are overwhelmed where to start or which investment apps are best. Do your due diligence first. 

I went with Stash Invest and I can see the potential in investing.  If you are ready to dive in and get started with your very own investment journey and appreciate my humble review, pay it forward, use my Stash Invest referral link to get started!

For anyone else that has used Stash Invest or similar apps.. feel free to comment below with your experiences.

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