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Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Finally the wait for Star Wars Battlefront 2 footage is over!

If you are shopping for an immersive first person shooter and are as big a fan of Star Wars than I.  You simply must add this new edition of Star Wars Battlefront to your collection.  By now you’ve just about combed through the deepest bowels of the internet for all the visual data you can store in your cerebral cortex for EC DICE next edition of Star Wars Battlefront!

Awesome visuals

Whether your choice of platform is PC, PS4 or Xbox One, November 14th cannot come soon enough. For this game promises to be an eyegasm of spectacular 4k game-play across the entire Star Wars time frame!

From the glow of the sabers to the reflective marble surfaces, the stunning graphics simply blur the line between cinematic realness and next-gen CGI. Can you tell i’m excited?

New pivotal character?

From the footage I’ve seen it is a reminiscent mix of the previous Battlefront Game, as far as playing with character classes. Toss in a pinch of good ol’ Star Wars Jedi Outcast saber duels.  And top it off with what appears to be an awesome single player campaign mode!  Just who is this new mysterious heroine of the Galactic Empire… she looks like she kicks Rebel a** eight days a week!

And judging from the initial Star Wars Battlefront full length reveal trailer she looks about ready to go Wampas against the Rebel Alliance.

After watching it about fifty-leven times. I’m beginning to wonder if she is the one who perhaps kicks off the First Order from Episode VII. Maybe just pure speculation at this point.  Fortunately we won’t have to wait long to see what backstory gaps she fills in the vast Star Wars canon?

Star Wars fans are literally counting down the days until this comes out.  In the meantime i’ll be playing the Bantha Fodder out of Star Wars Battlefront 1!  If you want to be the first to get the game you can already pre-order on on you favorite platforms here:

Pre-Order Star Wars BattleFront 2 for PC: Instant Access on Release Day

Pre-Order Star Wars BattleFront 2 for PS4

Pre-Order Star Wars BattleFront 2: Elite Trooper Edition for PS4

Pre-Order Star Wars BattleFront 2 for Xbox One

Pre-Order Star Wars BattleFront 2: Elite Trooper Edition for Xbox One

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