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Slime – Why is it so irresistibly soothing

Slime isn’t as gross as you would think.

Slime products are insanely popular.  Based on the name, you would think that it is something sticky, icky and a waste of time.

However, it isn’t as much of a children’s toy as you think it is. To an ever growing fan base of adults, slime is titillatingly soothing and downright irresistible. And this is coming from a senior high school student who believes that most children’s toys are overrated and annoying.

The viral rise of slime videos began in 2016. Those therapeutic, one minute videos seemed mesmerizing and entrancing, and before you knew it, you’re four accounts deep. Deep scrolling all the way at the bottom to the bottom of the page, hypnotized by the sizzling sound of popping micro air bubbles.

In addition to the squishy squashy pleasure of Borax Slime, there are now a plethora of different types of slime recipes and how to make slime videos out there. From butter slime spreading, to jiggly slime popping, to fishbowl slime crunching.

Floam Slime

Plenty of ASMR based sounds to satisfy your audio sensory one slimy video at a time, sometimes even mesmerize you right to sleep. It sounds dramatic, but this sensation really is what keeps me scrolling through Instagram for hours on end.

I promised myself that I would stop at just watching the videos.  It wasn’t long before i found myself purchasing slime snoopslimes., who by the was has over a million of followers.  The prices were slightly higher than their competitors, but I have to say, I did not regret it!

I received my slime within a week, which was a lot faster than expected, to be quite honest. Relax, this is not a review article, however I must say that purchasing slime was the best, irrational decision I have made.

I immediately began understanding the fervor behind such a simple toy. It acted as a stress reliever, something that took my mind off things. During moments of high anxiety, I found myself whipping out the small, 4 ounce container of butter slime that I keep tucked away in my pocket and begin working its magic. 

Butter Slime

During class, I catch two, maybe three glances from other classmates, but all of those looks turned into people asking if they could play with it, and they began to understand its power.

Slime is portable, easy to carry and although you may get a few odd glances and feel like you’re too old to be playing with such a childish thing, it’s worth the monumental relief of anxiety or stress you may feel in certain situations, or just simply worth the entertainment that lasts for hours.

Where to buy Slime

There are tons of products available online from places like Amazon.  In addition to that, the shops below I found to be trustworthy slime retailers, with quality videos and quality slime.

Glitter Slimes
Slime Bun Shop

Happy Sliming!

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