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The Skinny on Optimized African Mango

Optimized African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

So lets talk about Optimized African Mango for a bit.  It seems to be the new buzz term in the weight loss world. But does African Mango live up to the hype?  Lets weigh in shall we (pun intended).

First of all, this will not be a scientific dissertation of Irvingia Gabonensis.  Even though I enjoy pronouncing the technical term.  But rather a quick summary of my experience consuming 240 capsules of Optimized African Mango over 60 days.

Does it work?

The quick and dirty answer, Yes?  While at the Mall I was the victim of a drive-by sales pitch as I walked within target range of a kiosk full of health and dietary supplements.  I was an easy target being so out of shape.  A fact the salesmen repeatedly pointed out. Neat less to say I was persuaded to purchase a bottle of LifeExtension’s Optimized African Mango.

LifeExtension Optimized African Mango Irvingia

What did it do

Although it didn’t necessarily curb my appetite as much as I anticipated, it did curb some.  More so in the morning as I didn’t feel the urge to eat massive amounts to start my day.  What it did do was just about quadrupled the amount of times I eliminate per day (that was the best I could phrase it politically).  I literally stayed on the bowl.  I was actually shocked that my body could process and produce that much waste.  That went on for roughly two to three weeks.  By the fourth week and subsequent weeks after, my trips to the throne dropped back to a manageable 2 to 3 times per day.

The results

With roughly 12 capsules left of my second 120 count bottle of LifeExtension Optimized African Mango and having consumed them religiously for 60 days.  I managed to drop about 10-12 pounds.  That was with very light exercise (a push-up here and there). While I was hoping I would lose more, I wanted to see what Irvingia Gabonensis would accomplish by itself.

There are tons of African Mango products popping up everywhere.  If you have tried it and received amazing results, do share!  if you are looking to try LifeExtension Optimized African Mango, find it here on

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