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Razor Bump Remedies that worked for me

If you are among the population of humans that dread shaving due to in-grown hairs (aka Razor Bumps)… you are not alone! Here are some Razor Bump Remedies that I’ve tried and work well! I recently learned that it affects some 60 percent of African Americans and Hispanics and about 20 percent of Caucasian.

Although I enjoyed my curly textured mane (when I still had some on my head) I had to find a solution for grooming my facial hair as this same curly texture was prone to cause Razor Bumps and I couldn’t risk ruining my roguishly handsome mug!

For me, after trying many solutions it came down to two products that worked well with my skin and hair texture.

Razor Bump Remedies that work

The heavy weight champs for Razor Bump prevention goes to Bump Patrol Maximum Strength and B&C Skin Tight Extra Strength

As you notice in both products I chose to go Maximum Strength and Extra Strength.  I’ll be honest… using Max and Extra strength is not for the faint of heart.  After a fresh shave it could be likened to applying Holy Water on a sinner.  If you have sensitive skin I recommend using the regular version of those products.

But alas we must have a champ so I will get right to it!

The runner up

Bump Patrol Maximum Strength

Bump Patrol Maximum Strength Razor Bump Remedies

I used Bump Patrol Maximum Strength for several years and I must say that it worked well in Razor Bump removal and prevention.  In my case I could see a noticeable difference as soon as overnight or a day later in most cases. On average I applied it twice daily in addition to after a fresh shave.

  • Available in Regular and Max Strength
  • Helps exfoliate and heal the skin after shaving

I will also mentioned that I use Bump Patrol Shave Gel  along with a Gillette Hydro 5 Blade razor.  If applying Bump Patrol after shaving, beware that it can deliver a mild sting as you apply it to your skin,  in my case it didn’t bother me.  Also be sure to rub it in evenly and check yourself out in the mirror as sometimes the excess Bump Patrol would dry up and look crusty and that’s just not cool.

Well worth the $8 dollars or so.  Available at your local beauty supply or find it on here

The winner

Although Bump Patrol  Maximum Strength was my first Razor Bump removal champ, I stumbled across a new challenger that in my case worked just ever so slightly faster.

B&C Skin Tight Extra Strength Roll-On

B&C Skin Tight Razor Bump Remedies

When it comes to healing Razor Bumps fast, I have to give the edge to B&C Skin Tight Extra Strength Roll-On.  Again, the extra strength variety is not for the sensitive… I have literally fist beat my chest after applying this fresh from a shave as the icy cool liquid can be a bit stringent. The Roll-On applicator also makes this Razor Bump remedy a breeze to apply.

  • Can be purchased in Regular and Extra Strength
  • Roll-on applicator helps prevent spillage
  • Helps exfoliate the skin and promotes healing
  • Formulated for in-grown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and all the associated irritations from shaving: waxing, electrolysis, laser hair removal and any other hair removal process
  • Can be used by both men and women (Yes Ladies…. you can use this too!)

With my skin and hair type I noticed a difference within hours of applying!  I apply B&C once in the morning and once at night, in addition to after a fresh shave much the same as I did with Bump Patrol. Find B&C Skin Tight Roll-On at your local beauty supply store or conveniently available on here

Razor Bump Products are just a part of the overall remedy

So there you have it, if you read this you are not as alone as you think and there are a plethora of razor bump remedies out in the market to try.  Your skin and hair type may react differently than mines. If you are currently looking for a solution, give these a try!  No product is the cure-all but for me these two come close. These products are only a part of grooming practice. I also recommend picking up some Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which does a phenomenal job of cleaning out clogged pores before or after a fresh shave!

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