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10 games to play on the fourth of july

10 items to get your 4th of July party rockin

Keep your 4th of July Party Rockin

Independence Day is right around the corner,  are your ready! Here is a quick list of must have games and items to keep your 4th of July party rockin.  Most of these items you may already have, or be familiar with.  But in case you need a reminder, here you go!

Item 1:  A Deck of Cards

4th of July party games: Spades

If you are hosting a 4th of July event at your house, a Deck of Cards is one of the quintessential items that no backyard bbq should be without.  Playing Spades, Bid Whist or Texas Holdem with bent up cards is unacceptable. If your cards are worn and frayed, order a fresh 2 Pack of Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards from Amazon.  You can even order them through Amazon Prime Now and get them delivered within two hours!

Item 2: Dominoes

4th of July party games: Dominoes

Every household needs to keep at least one set of Double Six Dominoes handy for the Bone Players.  Especially for the grown and sexy guest coming to your event.   July 4th and Dominoes go hand in hand. Snatch these up for as low as $6.94 on Amazon.

Item 3: CornHole

4th of July party games: Cornhole

I learned this back yard must-have from my brother-in-law after one summers eve while grilling out.  If you want to keep some grown men occupied at your 4th of July party, get you a regulation size CornHole set.  And set a cooler of Beer out their for them.

Item 4: HorseShoes

4th of July party games: horeshoes

A Classic backyard staple.  If you have the space in your yard, this game will get even the older guest up out of their seats to play.  I keep a set of Steel Horseshoes polished and ready to go, because its that serious!

Item 5: Jenga

4th of July Party games: Jenga

Now this is perfect game for folks that don’t really like TO or don’t know how TO play cards or dominoes.  Anybody can get in on the Jenga action. Keep all your guest involved in the 4th of July fun. Especially challenging after a cocktail or two. Get it here on amazon for as low as $10.29

Item 6: Bar Darts

If you are whipping up a special batch of spirits by way of shots.  This nifty bar game is the way to kick of your 4th of July event right!  Right now this is a steal at $18.91, and can be used at any celebration. Alcohol not included.

Item 7: Left Right Center

This super fun dice game that could be played for coins, chips or whatever you choose.  Can easily accommodate 3 players or more.  Roll an “L” or an “R” pass your coin to person on the Left or Right.  Roll a “C” and your coins go to the pot in the Center.  The last one to run out, wins the pot.  Grab this on for $7.78 while it lasts.

Item 8: Pokeno

Here’s another classic game that is actually super fun to play. Perfect for 6 or more players. Comes with chips and play for whatever spoils you deem appropriate for you 4th of July celebration. You will need a Deck of cards to play.  Right now just $12.65 on Amazon.

Item 9: Karaoke

Talk about livening up a party, let the hilarity begin! A Karaoke setup can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  If you have the budget you can certainly spring for a dedicated Karaoke Machine. Or if you have a Home Theater System, TV or Laptop, YouTube access and a microphone, you can do-it-yourself.

Item 10: Samsung  Gear VR

Last but not least. This little high tech gadget was one of the coolest things I ever tried at a Party.  If you have a Samsung phone and a swiveling bar stool, you will have guest lined up for hours to experience virtual reality.  If you are going to spring for this gadget I suggest getting the real OEM version and not the knock offs. I’ve tried the third party versions and they don’t come close to the real ones.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, be sure to have a safe responsible celebration.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your 4th of July party a hit.  But if you have the means, give some of these a try.  If you run out of time to pick some of these up locally, give Amazon Prime Now a try and get them delivered in time for your event!

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