Drake Kanye Beef

Drake Kanye Beef

If you are not roomates with patrick star them im sure you are familiar with the Drake vs Pusha T clash of the titans style rap fued, and how short lived it truly was.

Tin foil cap and YouTube documentary level conspiracy suggests that the REAL BEEF wasn’t with Pusha T but with Kanye West!  And apparently it never ended!


Drizzy and Ye feuding was as inevitable as death and taxes. Two of the biggest Hip-Hop artist of the past 10 years are equally sensitive as they are talented, and amongst the business It became personal.

Drake also revealed that he and Ye have been beefing since they were together in Wyoming. Which prompted the whole Pusha T – Drake feud.

The G.O.O.D MUSIC goons seemingly defeated raps golden child (Drake) with shock value and a technical knockout due to Drake being forbidden by the powers that be (J.Prince) to not drop a diss-track. With all that being said, Sir Graham did indeed respond with an entire album.


Drake has been low-key suggesting to us for months now that he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening. Subliminal verses were all throughout the Scorpion album. 

There were already obvious disses that were aimed at Kanye, but Drake claimed every girl line was about Kim. At first his use of “Your wifey” felt too generic, and one could conclude that Drake was referring to any man that leaves his girl alone for long lengths of time.

Drake Kardashian

After digesting Drake’s 8 Out of 10, Kanye is lucky he never responded with a 2nd diss.

Drake has a good relationship with the Kardashians. And we know they both live in Hidden Hills.  Compare the proximity of Kimye’s house to Drake’s house and marinate on the verse:

I crept down the block (down the block), made a right (yeah, right) 
Cut the lights (yeah, what?), paid the price (yeah) 
Travis Scott (Ft Drake) – Sicko Mode

Kim Kardashian House Kanye House Drake House

All of this disorrder, no addressin.
The crown is broken in pieces but there’s more in my possession. 
Drake – Survival

Drake’s opening line on the album is dedicated to kanye setting the tone immediately pointing out the fact that Kanye is proud of his mental illness’ and and that the Rap throne once occupied by both Jay-Z and Kanye, is now in pieces and claims he (Drake) occupies most of it!

Drizzy details his demons on how he’s plagued by disappointment on the behavior of his once idol Kanye West. Now that Drake works behind the scenes and can see how the sausage is made he doesn’t have the same sense of awe he once had, but now only feels (and hears) jealousy From his peer.

Too close to snipe you, Truth told, I like you
Too bold to type you, Too rich to fight you
Calm down, you light skin!
Kanye West – No Mistakes

After hundreds of play thru’s and meticulous analysis, one could conclude that Drake made sure to inject more than a few tracks with hints, disses, warnings and critiquing of his once mentor and idol. No doubt tormenting Kanye too no end.

Drake is, after all, returning the love he received, after being ambushed before the biggest summer of his career, maybe Kanye too now knows how it feels.


If you haven’t already… peep this Reddit with extra information from DJ Akademiks about the Drake Kanye Beef:

ET Online also dropped evidence of J Prince explaining that Drake has info that would absolutely end Kanye’s career and ruin his livelihood. Drake hints at this on Mob Ties, and confirms it on Behind Bars:

Amine OnePointFive


Amine's Sophomore Album Slays!

Portland rapper, Adam “Amine” Daniels, destroyed the charts in 2017 with his album titled “Good For You”, a colorful and personal reflection of his life that exuded a more refined taste.

His 2018 follow up OnePointFive, a 13 track EP released only a month ago, is laced with more materialistic, ruggedness and less story driven followup to his last release. Amine’s OnePointFive is centered around his new found wealth as a result of his songs landing high up on the music charts.

However vain and braggadocios the lyrics seemingly come off, OnePointFive still contains the same level of honesty that the Good For You album conveyed.

You can discern that he still carries the same insecurities with him, but he doesn’t drag it out, he simply highlights it in a verse or two, and then the song moves on.

He glazes over his emotional and mental state a few times,  in the tracks Dr. Whoever, Why, and Together. Amine also sheds light on his love life in a few tracks, and reveals what he likes most about a women in one song, the lyrics describe the girl in both a sexual and a romantic way.

The midway transition in the song “Ratchet Saturn Girl’ is simply beautiful. It flows from a trap beat, into a lovely melody at the end.

Amine also touches on his past love and heartache and refers to it as a time that he misses the most. It most definitely allows the listener to sympathize with his mistakes.

Although he flaunts his wealth on this album, which is cliche among rappers,  it does seemingly contradict one of his pieces from Good For You.  Specifically speaking, the track “Money” was a critical piece about, you guessed it… Money!  And how it doesn’t guarantee making someone truly happy.

His perspective has flipped completely, which is tone this Album sets. Judging from the lyrics of his tracks, one can infer that the game has definitely changed Amine’s life as well as those around him. This release basically explores Amine’s reality now that he has entered a whole new tax bracket. Becoming a member of the rich and famous.

While extremely different from his last album, it is still a musically creative masterpiece in it’s own way. OnePointFive slays!

Surgical Summer


This seasons non stop album release has pumped new life into the ever rumored dying state of hip-hop. 

Kickin’ it off this summer the G.O.O.D. Music soldiers stood behind General Kanye West as they struck first, the entire camp delivered a series of albums, each laced with seven-tracks!  Including an album from Kanye himself “Ye”.

Yeezy produced beats as crisp as ever, seeming to be a perfect blend of his past album production with influences from every corner of the Culture . The lyrics put the spotlight on West’s most personal issues including mental illness, updates on his financial state , his admiration for his business and how he still does not care what anyone who IS NOT Kanye West thinks.

Pusha T released Daytona to start the summer shenanigans and chose a picture of Whitney Houston’s place of passing.

The up close and personal still frame of the cane covered mausoleum of a bathroom provided the visuals and set the scene to the dope laced Cool Cat King Push lyrics as he walks you down memory lane highlighting his hand in the dope game with his brother and cousin, and the highs and lows of criminal turned commercial.

Pusha T also took it upon himself to poke the Bear,  despising the assumption that Drake doesn’t write his lyrics, and feels he is not to be trusted.

And as any Hip Hop artist worth his weight would… Drizzy took the bait not knowing the trap that laid above his head. 

As Expected the Scorpion struck a counter attack worthy of a 2nd listen, warning Pusha that Hip Hops throne occupier is not to be trifled with and too bring it to an end. 

To which Pusha T responded by dropping a diss record for the ages, exposing unknown information on Drake’s Child, and brain derailing the train of releases for Aubrey’s calculated summer.