The Happy Fits Concentrate

The Happy Fits Concentrate With their expanding presence, The Happy Fits are slowly but surely making their way up the music charts with their clever, angsty, and lively music!

Utilizing a Cello instead versus a bass guitar, with a douse of NYC studio sound, these three boys have seemingly created music perfectly suited for teenage angst. Hot on the heels of their first few singles, their new debut 11 track album, Concentrate, released in June of 2018, and creates a feeling of freedom and independence whenever listened to.

The Happy Fits Concentrate Album recipe encompasses everything they live for, including their aspirations, dreams and a pinch of important life lessons sprinkled in. 

While they do have songs that require more listening than others, being able to scream out lyrics without a care in the world is what teenagers need every once in awhile. 

The Concentrate album also contains a few tracks catering to their soft and gentle side, which makes for a nice counter mix of their upbeat intense tracks. 

For a debut album, the Happy Fits have already raised the bar in the Alternative / Indie music genre that they fall under. They continue to carve their way into the music industry one song at a time, and hopefully will not be stopping anytime soon.

Amine OnePointFive


Amine's Sophomore Album Slays!

Portland rapper, Adam “Amine” Daniels, destroyed the charts in 2017 with his album titled “Good For You”, a colorful and personal reflection of his life that exuded a more refined taste.

His 2018 follow up OnePointFive, a 13 track EP released only a month ago, is laced with more materialistic, ruggedness and less story driven followup to his last release. Amine’s OnePointFive is centered around his new found wealth as a result of his songs landing high up on the music charts.

However vain and braggadocios the lyrics seemingly come off, OnePointFive still contains the same level of honesty that the Good For You album conveyed.

You can discern that he still carries the same insecurities with him, but he doesn’t drag it out, he simply highlights it in a verse or two, and then the song moves on.

He glazes over his emotional and mental state a few times,  in the tracks Dr. Whoever, Why, and Together. Amine also sheds light on his love life in a few tracks, and reveals what he likes most about a women in one song, the lyrics describe the girl in both a sexual and a romantic way.

The midway transition in the song “Ratchet Saturn Girl’ is simply beautiful. It flows from a trap beat, into a lovely melody at the end.

Amine also touches on his past love and heartache and refers to it as a time that he misses the most. It most definitely allows the listener to sympathize with his mistakes.

Although he flaunts his wealth on this album, which is cliche among rappers,  it does seemingly contradict one of his pieces from Good For You.  Specifically speaking, the track “Money” was a critical piece about, you guessed it… Money!  And how it doesn’t guarantee making someone truly happy.

His perspective has flipped completely, which is tone this Album sets. Judging from the lyrics of his tracks, one can infer that the game has definitely changed Amine’s life as well as those around him. This release basically explores Amine’s reality now that he has entered a whole new tax bracket. Becoming a member of the rich and famous.

While extremely different from his last album, it is still a musically creative masterpiece in it’s own way. OnePointFive slays!

Slime – Why is it so irresistibly soothing


Slime isn’t as gross as you would think.

Slime products are insanely popular.  Based on the name, you would think that it is something sticky, icky and a waste of time. Continue reading “Slime – Why is it so irresistibly soothing”

Cantu Shea Butter – Take Your Hair Straight to Curly

Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair - Straight to Curly

Go from Straight to Curly with Cantu Shea Butter

Yes, my hair went from heat damaged and bone straight to a naturally curly Afro in less than a year with Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Curling Cream!

For every black woman, the subject of natural hair can be a difficult and complex topic at times.

As a young black female, I wondered if it was just us who engage in the nightly ritual of wrapping our hair in a bonnet when we sleep?  Always explaining to my counterparts why I couldn’t just be hanging outdoors during humid weather.

It took me years to come to terms with my natural hair. My mother used to relax my hair all the time when I was younger, since my hair could become a bit unruly and a mess at times.

Before Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair - Heat Damage

She finally gave me the reigns in seventh grade, and I was set free to do my own hair as I please. At first, I kept putting heat on it. Every Sunday I would sit down in my chair, with my music blasting, in front of my mirror and use my flat iron to damage my follicles even more.

Before Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair - Heat Damage

I had no distinguishable curl pattern, I was plagued with split ends every few weeks, and I was a little ashamed of wearing my natural hair out because there was so much heat damage on my head. 

So out of guilt, I kept straightening my hair up until my junior year of high school.

Repairing the Damage

That’s when I called it quits. Mind you, 2016 was the year for women of color to embrace their natural hair, and I wanted to be apart of the movement. 

I wanted to be carefree with an Afro that the 70’s would be proud of. I wanted my hair to prosper, so I saved up all my money, placed an order on Amazon and stocked up on natural hair products.

Before Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream

Ladies, If you want repair years of heat damage within a matter of months! I suggest Cantu Shea Butter, or any of Cantu’s products. All of them, and I mean all of their products work to moisturize, emphasize and bring your natural hair back to life.

After Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair - Repair Heat Damage

My hair went from bone straight to a curly Afro within a few months. I refrained from putting heat on it, co washed almost every other day. I made sure to take care of my hair by wrapping it every night, or doing twist outs that stimulate hair growth. 

Cantu Shea Butter and Cantu products are extremely gentle.  Their leave in conditioners and coconut curling creams in particular are not harsh at all on my hair.

After Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair - Repair Heat Damage

Brushing it through damp hair left my curls soft and defined, even when dry. My hair began retaining moisture and showing less and less signs of heat damage that was built up over the years. 

It did a complete 180, and I hadn’t even realize what type of curls I had until they started growing in and defining themselves quickly. 

The above pictures are only months apart, you can see how stretched out my curls were, and how tight they became thanks to Cantu’s products.

If you have tried Cantu’s products on your hair and want to relate your personal experience with it, please comment below!

Acne Breakout – Bahi Sunflower Sweet Serum

Acne Breakout Bahi Sunflower Sweets Serum

You know that feeling that you get, that soreness under the skin on your face that hints at the beginning of another acne breakout, as if you don’t already have other breakouts to worry about?

That dreadful early stage where you can’t pick at anything yet because it’s only a small, red bump. Leaving you a small amount of harbored hope that maybe, just maybe, it will go away overnight.

You can totally just scrub your face really hard with some soap on a cloth and go to sleep with wishful thinking, right?

And tragically, you wake up the next morning to the heartbreaking discovery that the redness not only got bigger, but even more noticeable.

The adolescent acne breakout is bright red and angry, yelling at you every time you try to go pick at it, in a futile attempt to subdue it for now.

I used to have that problem, a very big problem through my adolescence. Every morning I would wake up to find some new hitchhiker on my face, contrasting my skin tone and standing out even more until I found out about Bahi Cosmetics Sunflower Sweets Serum.

bahi sunflower sweet serum

I had gone through Neutrogena, Proactive, St. Ives, and countless many other skin care products that were relatively affordable and easy to get a hold of.

Acne Treatment - Serum Solution that works

I was just about hopeless, and mindlessly scrolling through twitter when I’d come across Bahi Cosmetics, a African American owned and operated business that is focused on cosmetics ranging from skincare, to hair care and even beard care.

They sell soaps, toners, clay masks. The whole nine yards, and the products are budget friendly. They offer a range from products soothing for the skin, body and hair, and they don’t test on animals! I figured I might as well try them, and be supportive for small businesses at the same time.

So I ordered their Sunflower Sweets Serum. Which was getting a ton of recognition on Twitter. I saw countless tweets about the serum, saying it’s worked and made miracles, and I was just about on my last, desperate straw when I had ordered me a 1oz bottle.

At $20 for a 1 oz bottle, it wasn’t the most inexpensive solution i’ve tried, but in my opinion, it was well worth it. My face went from looking like a battle ground, to a flourishing 4.0 GPA.

I applied it at night and in the mornings after I washed my face. I use it as a moisturizer and even at the 1 oz size, It felt like it lasted me a lifetime.

I’d received it back in February, and it is now October, I still have some left, and I continue to use it habitually.

The Results

My skin really had a flip around. My dark spots were hideous and my acne was all over the place. Now, I rarely get breakouts and my skin is slowly becoming an even tone.

I went from this:

Acne Breakout Before Bahi Sunflower Sweets Serum

To this:

Acne Breakout Bahi Sunflower Sweets Serum

And yes, this is actually me! This is the same side, just a few months difference. I promise, this is no tom foolery. 

Bahi Cosmetics (now called Ayele & Co) really helped me get my life and skin in check, and I don’t knows how they did it, but they somehow created a miracle with Sunflower Sweets Serum.

If you have tried Sunflower Sweets Serum or another solution and want to share your experience, Please comment below!