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Amazon fire tv and fire tv stick

Amazon Fire Stick vs Fire TV: Which one should I get?

You are ready to make the leap forward and join the collective legions of TV binge watchers, and your last decision is which flavor of Fire TV to go with?  Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick?

Luckily both devices will offer you a plethora of feature rich streaming content with a simple to use interface.  But here are some key points that may help guide you to make your final decision.

When to purchase the Amazon Fire TV Stick instead of Amazon Fire TV:

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa

You are on a tight budget.  A new Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote can now be purchased from Amazon for $39.99

You need portability, the Fire TV Stick can be carried in your shirt pocket.  If you will be away from your personal man-cave (or woman-cave) and staying with family or friends.  So long as they have wi-fi all you need is access to a TV or Monitor (with an HDMI port) and you are back to binge-ing just like that!

Your TV resolution currently supports up to 1080p.  If you don’t plan on joining the 4k revolution any time soon and frankly can’t tell the difference anyway, then the Fire TV Stick will more than likely be suitable for you.

When to purchase the Amazon Fire TV instead of Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Amazon Fire TV

Your TV supports 4k resolution.  The Amazon Fire TV is capable of streaming 4k content and feed your eyeballs all the crisp visuals you can handle.

You have digital content on a Micro SD Card. The expandable memory slot can increase the storage capacity up to 200gb.

You rather connect through ethernet vs wifi.  If you have children that consume more wi-fi bandwidth than oxygen.  The optional Ethernet port makes the Amazon Fire TV a perfect choice at just S89.99

Amazon Fire TV Interface

No matter which one you purchase, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes and will more than likely have one for every tv in the house. Happy binge-ing!

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